As you might already know, I always had a soft corner in my heart for Microsoft, Windows and C#. I got my first major successes developing on that platform, and to be honest, I still think developing in Visual Studio is the best thing ever.

Visual Studio feels like everything is right in the world.

I set out to develop a C# wrapper for the Loklak server, partly because I wanted more people to use Loklak on Windows, and partly to satisfy my Visual Studio cravings.

My objectives were simple:

  1. It should be platform independent.

  2. It should support all Loklak server API calls.

  3. It should follow the async/await pattern.

  4. It should have tests.

Well, I solved all those problems. Here is the final result. LoklakDotNet on Github.

Supported Platforms are:

  1. .NET Framework 4.5

  2. ASP.NET Core 5.0

  3. Windows 8/8.1

  4. Windows Universal (UWP)

  5. Windows Phone 8.1

  6. Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1

  7. Xamarin.Android

  8. Xamarin.iOS

  9. Xamarin.iOS (Classic)

Wow. That's a lot.

The wrapper gives the raw JSON results from the server. You can choose to parse the JSON however you wish. Newtonsoft.JSON is highly recommened. You can view the documentation for LoklakDotNet here. 

Side Note: The documentation looks really cool. I used an automated doc generation tool.

The wrapper is still in its early stages, so go ahead and submit a PR!